Phone: (951) 703-3087
1235 Indiana Court, Suite 108
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Phone: (951) 703-3087
1235 Indiana Court, Suite 108
Redlands CA 92374
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Ultrasound Services in Palm Springs?

We provide amazing 3D and 4D ultrasounds and create a great bonding experience for the expectant family and their baby.

Ultrasound Business Training

Ultrasound Business Training Have you ever thought about starting a 3d/4d Ultrasound Business but didn’t know where to start? We can create an ultrasound business plan to fit your needs and the needs of your community. With over 20 years of business experience in the medical diagnostic field, and two 3d 4d Ultrasound sites that are thriving (started in 2006), we can tailor a business plan to fit your budget and get you up and running in as little as 60 days!

Why Start a 3d 4d Ultrasound Business

I can assure you that the pregnancy business is ever growing and with your ultrasound business plan in place, you can be successful. The average age of first time mothers has increased, which means that by the time the average Mom is having a family, they have more disposable income! According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2011 there were approximately 4 million births in the U.S., over 30,000 in Riverside county alone. Fondly, I must say the most positive experience in 3/4D Ultrasound is seeing families happy on a daily basis! Who wouldn’t want to see pictures of their unborn child, being first time parents or adding the newest addition to their family?

Ultrasound Technician School

Ultrasound Technician School Our ultrasound business plan includes an ultrasound training course for your technician. Whether you have a recent grad or an experienced ultrasound tech, our ultrasound specialist will train you or your sonographer on 3d and 4d ultrasound imaging to get the best images for your clients.

How to Start a 3d 4d Ultrasound Business

Our team has put together a simple and affordable business plan that is tailored to each individual business need and location. Below are some services that are included in our ultrasound business plan: How to Start a 3d 4d Ultrasound Business We thank you for visiting our site and invite you to come spend a day with us at our ultrasound location to be sure a 3d 4d ultrasound business would be the right fit for you. Please contact me with any questions at 951.703.3087. I would love to get to know you better and go over our ultrasound business plan with you.

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Phone: (951) 703-3087 | | 1235 Indiana Court, Suite 108, Redlands CA 92374


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