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Going through 40 weeks of pregnancy is a great accomplishment and as you count down the final days until your baby arrives, not much is said about the fourth trimester.

Pregnancy - The Fourth Trimester

Pregnancy - The Fourth Trimester From the challenges of breastfeeding to being sleep deprived, often times, the fourth trimester can be the most difficult part of pregnancy. So many unexpected trials can arise, and it can make for a difficult transition into parenthood!

One thing I tell new parents is to relax and try to plan ahead as much as possible! Most likely your days after coming home with a new baby won’t be picture perfect, but as long as the baby is eating, mama is eating and you both are getting plenty of rest, that’s all you have to worry about for the first few weeks. Your body just made and birthed another human and so often we down play that. It takes about six weeks or more for your body to recover from pregnancy and childbirth, so don’t think that you have rush right back into the fast lane!

Fancy meals are out but sandwiches, quesadillas, raw veggies and having plenty of fresh fruit on hand are in! Also stressing about a clean house or if the laundry gets done, those things we won’t even remember a year from now. Just savor your time together with your newborn and when someone offers to bring you dinner or pick up a few things at the store for you, take them up on it! Most family and friends want to help, and this is their way of blessing you and your family!

Be ready for emotional ups and downs in the days after giving birth. You’ll feel all the joy and excitement that comes with a new baby, but you also may feel weepy, sad and very tired. Your hormones are changing, and your body is sore and tired. Take time for yourself each day. Do something you enjoy and that makes you feel good like soaking in a hot bath, taking a walk or meditating. But if your feelings of being sad, overwhelmed, angry and crying for no reason continue, you could have postpartum depression. You can check your symptoms by going to this website: or by discussing your symptoms with your health care provider. Postpartum depression is very real and it's important that you get help.

Our Newborn Care Class that is taught by Sandy with Village Newborn Family Care (check our class page for dates) will help prepare you and your partner when baby arrives. Knowledge is powerful and takes the worry out of wondering if your doing this or that right as a new parent! Sandy goes into detail of what to expect during those first few days and weeks as you and your baby get to know one another.

Remember you are doing the most important job in the world. Your days as a mother may seem endless. You’ll be doing the same things day in and day out, like changing the baby, feeding the baby, doing the laundry and getting baby to sleep. But you are nurturing a new life and your baby won’t be little for long. So many changes happen in that first year so enjoy every minute of it.


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What is the Difference Between 3d and 4d Ultrasounds?

First let's talk about the 3d ultrasound. As the sonographer is performing your ultrasound, they are saving images to print or save to a CD in jpeg format. Once your ultrasound session is finished, your images will be downloaded onto a CD so you can print from your computer or through a photo department in a store such as Costco or Walmart. You can also download them to your computer to share with friends and family on social media!

A 4d ultrasound is the movement or video part of the ultrasound. So if you choose a session that comes with a DVD, it is recorded live during your ultrasound session. That means that every movement your baby makes during your session, like yawn, a stretch, a thumbs up, a wave or summersault, all will be captured on your DVD for you to view over and over. And how fun would it be to show your child later in life the video of him or her in the womb!! Priceless!! Read more here.
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