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3d/4d Ultrasound Services in Lake Arrowhead?

We provide amazing 3D and 4D ultrasounds and create a great bonding experience for the expectant family and their baby.

To Our Ultrasound Office from Lake Arrowhead

Our office is located just 40 minutes from downtown Lake Arrowhead. Take the 330 to the 210 Exit 84 for San Bernadino Avenue and turn left onto Alabama St. Take a right onto W Lugonia Ave. then a right onto Indiana Ct. Our office will be on the right in the Shops at Indiana Court. Map here.

At Our Ultrasound Office

If you would like to come to our office in Redlands we are open seven days a week and our weekends fill up fast so make sure to call in advance for an appointment. For our Lake Arrowhead customers we can usually get you a same day appointment Monday through Friday, but be sure to call us early in the day for details.

When you arrive be sure to ask about our Heart-beat Teddy Bears also!

"Thank you so much for a lovely and memorable experience for my family and I!

The decor was absolutely adorable. Not to mention the music choice.... Serious, that's my sister's song!!! It was a whole new thing for us.... Even with this pregnancy being baby number seven between us, thirteen between all my siblings!! Whole heartedly.... Amazed!!!

I cried three times during the CD!! Thank you so much!" - Mary Anne

While you are in Redlands...

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill or Chick-fil-A
Be sure to check out one of these two great restaurants! Both are located close to Unique Ultrasound Redlands and would be a great place to stop for lunch. At Chick-fil-A they have great-tasting and high quality food made with fresh, simple ingredients in their our own kitchen. The chicken and salads are good and the lemonade is freshly squeezed, the tea is brewed fresh and the biscuits are wonderful.
Mexican food is subjective but a lot of people like Cafe Rio so check them out if you like Mexican food. They have a friendly staff and great burritos.

Cost Plus World Market
Very close to our office you will also find World Market which is a great and fun place to shop. You can find spices and small knickknacks from all around the world, a lot of European country flavors. They have some cool furniture too! They are also a great source of chocolate you can't find at most big box stores, as well as a lot of other fun comestibles along with a good collection international candies, foods and tea leaves.

Kohl's is a good place to shop too, it is always very clean and the staff are always friendly. They have a good selection of everything: shirts, pants, cookware, vacuums, etc. Their prices are low depending on which day you go. A wonderful place to shop. They have great deals on luggage, if you can find matching colored pieces in the sizes you want.

Barnes & Noble
They can keep the kids busy while you browse the books, magazines or gifts. The staff is always friendly and warm we love them, they are trained well and give friendly customer service. Shopping there is awesome, great discounts, always saving and they have trendy outfits for every occasion!


Phone: (951) 703-3087 | | 1235 Indiana Court, Suite 108, Redlands CA 92374

Lake Arrowhead Events

Lollipop Park

Lollipop Park is a small "fun zone" located in the back of Lake Arrowhead Village. Hours are dependent on the weather so be sure to call before you go. They have a few small kid rides located next to the lake along with a small miniature golf course. They also have fun house mirrors and it is located next to a free small park area that has a jungle gym, benches, and swingset for kids. This is good for keeping the kids busy for an hour or so.
More info here.

MacKay Park

What a great park! It's great for the little ones and is also a great picnic spot with tables in the shade and sun. There's plenty of places for kids to play and ride their trikes, as well as a nice covered area for adults. MacKay Park has a great view of the lake too. It also has a dog park where you can let your dogs run wild, free and happy. They have hiking trails and a disc golf course.

Health Fair

Watch for the community health fair in August or September hosted at the Bear Valley Community Hospital. The hospital sends several departments to volunteer at the annual Mountain Communities Health Fair. They do screenings for blood pressure, give dental exams, car seat inspections and much more!


8:00am - 8:00pm - We are open 7 days a week and our weekends fill up fast so make sure to call in advance for an appointment.
1235 Indiana Court, Suite 108, Redlands CA 92374
Phone: (951) 703-3087 | | Driving Directions

Office Hours

8:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday hours: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Be sure to contact us for an appointment!

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1235 Indiana Court, Suite 108
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Phone: (951) 703-3087

What is the Difference Between 3d and 4d Ultrasounds?

First let's talk about the 3d ultrasound. As the sonographer is performing your ultrasound, they are saving images to print or save to a CD in jpeg format. Once your ultrasound session is finished, your images will be downloaded onto a CD so you can print from your computer or through a photo department in a store such as Costco or Walmart. You can also download them to your computer to share with friends and family on social media!

A 4d ultrasound is the movement or video part of the ultrasound. So if you choose a session that comes with a DVD, it is recorded live during your ultrasound session. That means that every movement your baby makes during your session, like yawn, a stretch, a thumbs up, a wave or summersault, all will be captured on your DVD for you to view over and over. And how fun would it be to show your child later in life the video of him or her in the womb!! Priceless!! Read more here.
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