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How would you handle

gender disappointment?

Were you wanting a boy, but having a girl or wanting a girl but having a boy?

Gender Disappointment

Gender Disappointment with Your Baby When we get the call to make an appointment for expecting parents to come in to find out their baby’s gender, you can hear the excitement in their voice! Most times they bring many of their family members with them so they can all learn the news at the same time!! The competitive families come in with stickers on their shirts “Team Blue” or “Team Pink”. Others will bring balloons or gift bags in both boy and girl colors for the celebration after! Everyone is on a gender high!!

Your Gender Disappointment

But what happens when you find out your baby’s gender and it’s not at all what you were expecting or wanting? Maybe you already had your house full of boys and you are ready to have a tea party with a little girl. Or as a Dad, you are out numbered will all girls in the house and you were hoping for that boy to someday play catch with or a fishing buddy!

It’s heartbreaking to see parents walk out of the ultrasound room so very disappointed! I know that it’s okay to wish and dream, but really there is a 50/50 chance of getting one sex or the other and it’s not the child who determines if they are a boy or a girl!

Some parents follow a certain diet that gives you a better chance of one sex or another and many couples follow the Chinese calendar. We have even had couples come in and said that they knew the sex of their baby because they got the early gender blood test done, only to find out they were having the opposite.

Baby Gender Disappointment

So how do you curb your disappointment? Well, you can always try again if that is in the cards for your family. But often families have reached their limit for many different reasons and having another baby is just not going to happen. So, let’s look on the bright side of a gender lop-sided family.
  1. You won’t have to buy much if you already have a house full of boys or girls
  2. You already know and have experience dealing with that particular gender
  3. You can always consider adopting or fostering (but that’s a whole new subject)
Any way you look at it, each child is a blessing and will bring a different kind of joy to your home. It’s so crazy how different each child will be even though they have the same parents, same upbringing in the same environment. Every little human will bring with them their own special magic and happiness to share laughs, milestones, and memories with. So my advice is never get too obsessed with having a boy or a girl in those early days of pregnancy! And I wasn’t kidding about the adoption option. We know several couples that have done that so they can assure that they will get their tumble little boy or the little princess they have always dreamed of! However you look at it, babies are special, at least we think so!

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What is the Difference Between 3d and 4d Ultrasounds?

First let's talk about the 3d ultrasound. As the sonographer is performing your ultrasound, they are saving images to print or save to a CD in jpeg format. Once your ultrasound session is finished, your images will be downloaded onto a CD so you can print from your computer or through a photo department in a store such as Costco or Walmart. You can also download them to your computer to share with friends and family on social media!

A 4d ultrasound is the movement or video part of the ultrasound. So if you choose a session that comes with a DVD, it is recorded live during your ultrasound session. That means that every movement your baby makes during your session, like yawn, a stretch, a thumbs up, a wave or summersault, all will be captured on your DVD for you to view over and over. And how fun would it be to show your child later in life the video of him or her in the womb!! Priceless!! Read more here.
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