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What we really mean is vaginal self care. I mean after you “squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon” your va-j is going to need some extra attention.

Postpartum Self Care

Postpartum Self Care Okay what we really mean is vaginal self care. I mean after you “squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon” (10 extra credit points if you can name that movie quote) your va-j is going to need some extra attention. We often talk a lot about how to prepare for birth, what to bring to the hospital, and how to get through labor but not so much about the aftermath. *Insert disclaimer here: C-section mamas you are not forgotten. I had 4 C sections so I would never leave you out. Coming soon a blog post on how to care for yourself after birthing by means of major abdominal surgery.*

Postpartum From the Beginning - Self Care

So let’s start at the beginning. You are going to need to get yourself some underwear that you don’t mind tossing at the end of all of this. I’m talking some big ol’ “granny panties.” They should be comfortable and not restrictive. There is no need for them to be pretty. Also, after you deliver your going to get a squirt bottle type of thing. It’s called at “peri bottle.” Bring this home with you. Use it if it feels good. If it hurts then toss that thing. Also they give you lots of pads before they send you home. Bring all of those home with you too!!

Four Self Care Tips

So we’ve put together four helpful tips of taking care of your va-j after it brings your sweet baby into this universe. Enjoy!!

Make your own Pad-cicles

This is a great way to ease some pain after delivery. You can totally make these ahead of time and have them ready to go when you get home. You know meal prepping and making pad-cicles--sounds like living life to me! No but seriously these can help with pain and swelling down there and are pretty simple to put together.

Things you need:

Episiotomy Care

Alright next up is episiotomy care. Now maybe you’re asking what the heck is an episiotomy. An episiotomy is a surgical incision down there that is made when some extra room might be needed for your baby to be delivered. Now I know there is some controversy on this topic. Whether this is a necessary procedure or not we’re going to leave up to you and your medical team. But, if this procedure ends up being part of your birth story then we have some helpful advice on how to care for it once you’re home. *Please always be sure you ask your OB, Midwife, or nurse before you leave your birthing facility how they recommend caring for your episiotomy.*

Okay first off, don’t touch it. Like really don’t touch it. This is a surgical incision. There will stitches in it. If you touch it you increase the risk of infection and causing of the stitches to come loose and fall out.

Remember that peri bottle we talked about earlier? Well you’re going to want to use this instead of toilet paper to wipe after you go to the bathroom. The toilet paper may stick to the stitches and again we’re not trying to make anything come loose or fall out. After you rinse you can use a washcloth or soft cloth to gently pat the area dry. Let me emphasize the word gently. Take your time!!

Make sure that you are following your doctor/midwife’s recommendation regarding lifting after delivery. Bending (like to pick something up off the ground) and lifting heavy objects (anything heavier than your baby) puts pressure on the healing area and could strain the sutures. The last thing we want is for one of those sutures to pop out.

Painful Pee

With all the extra drama going on down there you might be worried about peeing. Is it going to hurt? Burn? Both? Some women aren’t bothered by this but some definitely are.

Now please know the difference between painful burning with urination that comes with UTIs (urinary tract infections). If you are having painful burning urination, frequency and/or urgency to urinate you need to contact your doctor.

The name of the game in this arena is to try to avoid the pee actually touching your skin. Try to sit at the back of the toilet, like as far back as you can get. Then lean as much forward as you can. I know what you’re thinking “Like is this some crazy postpartum yoga pose??” This will help the pee shoot back instead of down on your still healing lady parts. If this isn’t comfortable or possible there is another option.

Okay stay with me here cause this one is a little--um, questionable?? Fill your bathtub with a small amount of warm water. Then get in and well, I think you get it.

Herbal Baths

You can take these baths to help relieve tender perineal tissue, help to heal any tears and/or episiotomies (it’s okay to take baths even if you have sutures as long as there are no signs or symptoms of infection.This would not be appropriate for C-section mamas--we’ll have more tips coming soon), decrease inflammation, and even shrink hemorrhoids after birth. Some ladies like to fill that peri bottle with the herbal mixture as well. So you can find postpartum herbal bathes online to purchase. You can even put together your own mixture. Some of the herbs can be difficult to find.

Here’s a recipe you can follow if you want to make your own:
You’re going to need cotton muslin bags

Put all ingredients into the muslin bag. Fill your bath with hot water (as hot as possible it). Put the bag into the bath and let it steep until the salt dissolves. Once the water has cooled to a tolerable temperature, get in and relax mama. You can take these for as long as you feel comfortable.

Hopefully this will give you some helpful tips on self care after you bring a tiny human into this world. Do you have any other tips to help another mama out? If so, comment below with yours. Good job girlfriend!! You grew a human and brought him/her into this universe and we think that is pretty amazing!!

Leslie Brunson,
RN, Blogger, Mom of 4 and Wife of a Football Coach


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