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It's Thanksgiving and I'm Pregnant

- Here are some reminders to make your Thanksgiving thoroughly enjoyable.

It's Thanksgiving and I'm Pregnant

It's Thanksgiving and I'm Pregnant hilite photo

If you are like me, you are looking forward to the warmth and craziness of Thanksgiving, all the family traditions, and the delicious food. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where most families have traditional dishes that have been prepared for years. In fact if your family is like mine, there are certain dishes they won’t let you change, like the stuffing! The good news is that most of the traditional dishes we eat at Thanksgiving are pretty healthy, usually freshly made, and perfectly great to eat while pregnant.

Being pregnant though, you and your soon-to-arrive little one are susceptible to certain food bacteria and toxins. Here then are some reminders to make your Thanksgiving thoroughly enjoyable.

1. Turkey – Yummy and healthy for you and your baby: Be sure however, that you follow safe food preparation rules while making the turkey:

Stuffing/Dressing: Every family has a traditional stuffing recipe. The most important thing about the stuffing is that it is heated thoroughly, which is hard to do if it is cooked inside the turkey. So, the best way to ensure the stuffing is thoroughly cooked is to cook it outside of the turkey in a separate baking dish to 165 degrees.

2. The Before-Meal Munchies: Cheese Platters, Pates, Smoked Meats, Dips, and Raw Vegetables: Wow! That’s a long cautionary list. Here’s the scoop.

3. Desserts: The only caution here is if you are like me and the baker of the pies and cakes and cookies, sometimes there is a huge temptation to taste the raw dough. Oops – not now! The raw dough most likely contains raw eggs and that is a big no-no while pregnant. So skip tasting the raw dough. On the other hand, anything that has alcohol in it but is cooked or baked after the alcohol is added is fine to eat. Just avoid desserts soaked in uncooked alcohol and served that way.

That’s about it. Everything else is pretty much a go. The rules for Thanksgiving are actually no different than any other time during your pregnancy;

The “avoid” list seems long, but it leaves so many more delicious things to eat. And remember it’s only a short time that you have to be careful.

A few last tips. Bring an additional side dish that you know you can eat to add to the already traditional dishes. Think up a few funny Thanksgiving stories to share.

And remember, the most wonderful thing of all is that next year at this time, there will be an additional amazing little one at the table. Now that is something to be thankful for.


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