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Redlands Unique Ultrasound

office is a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere to see your baby for the first time in 3d ultrasound. You can confirm your pregnancy or find out gender weeks before your doctor will.

We offer a picture guarantee and the ability to Skype your ultrasound also!
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"Our goal is to provide the best possible pictures of your baby..."

Along with pregnancy ultrasounds we also offer: As an independent diagnostic facility, we offer our services on site as well as provide mobile ultrasound services.

Mobile Services

If you are currently sending your patient to an imaging center for their ultrasound, then you’re giving away revenue for your practice! Improving your bottom line and giving your patients the convenience of performing their ultrasound right in your office is what our service is about.

With the recent reimbursement reductions, our services will help you capture some of that back. Did you know that by offering ultrasounds in your office you can add as much as $80,000 per year for having our service one day per week?

Health Screening

"An impressive blend of state of the art equipment and compassionate, registered sonographers..."

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What They Say

"Pregnancy is both amazing and terrifying. As a first timer I was nervous I was doing everything wrong. It is bizarre knowing you are growing a human, but you cannot see or measure the progress you have made. Was I eating enough? Is she growing? Do I in fact need to eat for two? How will I get the unreasonably high servings of fruit and vegetables in every day? If I accidentally roll onto my stomach at night will I bruise her or squish her? I went to Erika and Robin at Unique Ultrasound with all these questions. They were able to give me honest knowledgeable advice and direction..." Click here to read more.

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1235 Indiana Court, Suite 108
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Phone: (951) 703-3087

Redlands Health Screenings

With today’s healthcare changes, it’s never been so important to take charge of your own health. At Unique Ultrasound Redlands we enable you to take control of your health. Let’s start by having a look of what is going on the inside.

Often we’re not aware that we are in the beginning stages of a disease until we start feeling the symptoms. By catching a problem in the very early onset, it is often easier and less invasive to treat. Read more here.
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